Bewakoofiyaan 2014 Movie Total Earning Report


The new movie of Ayushmann Khurrana is now released in the theatres. Every film of this Bollywood actor is hit one. Now today we will see the Bewakoofiyaan 2014 Movie Total Earning Report and also the short review of this film.


But before moving to Bewakoofiyaan 2014 Movie Total Earning Report we will first see the Bewakoofiyaan Movie Short Review because it is very important to check the review before going to theatres to watch a movie. The movie is directed by Nupur Asthana. Here in the film Ayushmann Khurrana, Sonam Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor are present in the leading roles. So let’s move to the review of the film.


Bewakoofiyaan Movie Short Review

According to the film makers the film is comedy romantic movie but if you see the movie and its trailer you will find that there is some comedy but you can not say it is romantic comedy film. It looks romantic movie but very few moments are take place in which comedy was there.

The songs of the film are average. The songs of the film have not got so much support and popularity on the internet and also in the theatres.

But the acting done by all the leading stars are excellent. It is an average film but if you watch this movie then you will not be bored. But along with that it is also not a very highly entertaining movie.

As an author and at this time I am writing the review of this movie therefore according to me this is an average movie because its budget is also low. If you check the Bewakoofiyaan Movie Total Earning Report then you will find it that the income is average. So in the whole it is not hit film and not flop movie. But the observation depends upon person to person.


Bewakoofiyaan Movie Earning Report


You have just read the Bewakoofiyaan Movie Short Review. After reading it you had find that it is average movie. But surprisingly the earnings of the film is comparable to high budget movie which is released recently that is Gulaab Gang. You can see that Bewakoofiyaan 2014 Movie Earning Report is not so much different from the income collection report of Gulaab Gang.

Gulaab Gang Opening Days Box Office Collection

Box Office Collection Report

First Day Earning – 1.8 Crore

Second Day Income – 1.9 Crore

Third Day Collection – 2.4 Crore


So these are the Bewakoofiyaan 2014 Movie Total Earning Report and the Short Review of it. We know that the review of every film differs from the person to person therefore we want from you that you just share your experience about this movie with us.

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